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TriGranit operates as a unique real estate development platform in Central Europe, with an unrivalled track-record to acquire and develop prime and sustainable office and alternative real estate projects that define the landmarks of the region. In its two decades of operation, TriGranit has developed nearly 50 landmark projects creating 1,7 million square meters of GLA in seven CEE countries and has won more than 50 highly prestigious international awards. TriGranit is owned by Revetas and is part of the Revetas Group.


Revetas acquired TriGranit in 2018 from TPG Real Estate to align in the future Revetas’ outstanding investment, acquisition, and fund management know-how with TriGranit’s more than 20 years of development experience to create further exceptional, REAL estates on the Central European real estate market. The company’s primary focus is on Poland and Hungary, the countries with the best economic forecasts in the region. With offices in Budapest, Warsaw and Krakow, the TriGranit team of highly talented real estate professionals with deep local expertise works daily on providing the possible best solutions for our clients and partners throughout Central Europe. Sustainability is a fundamental element in TriGranit’s core strategy – all TriGranit office building complexes have gained the BREEAM or LEED quality standards.




















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Within its two decades, TriGranit kept its leading position in the region and is considered to be among the top real estate companies in Europe. TriGranit is focusing primarily on quality retail and Class “A” office buildings in strategic urban locations, and manages a full spectrum of real estate activities including investment, acquisition, development, construction, as well as property and asset management. Since the company’s foundation, it has completed award winning development projects with a total value of 2.5 billion euros. Currently, the company has a pipeline of over 600 million euros of developments in 5 capitals and 10 cities in the Central European region.
  • 2018

    TriGranit was acquired by Revetas Capital
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    TriGranit was acquired from TPG by REVETAS, new shared ownership. Revetas and TriGranit aims to align in the future Revetas’ outstanding investment, acquisition, and fund management know-how with TriGranit’s more than 20 years of development experience to create further exceptional, REAL estates on the Central European real estate market. New developments: Millennium Gardens office building with 37.000 sqm in Budapest (Construction), Building H (Constr.), I, J in B4B with 30.000 sqm in Krakow, and Silesia Office Towers in Katowice, 40,000 sqm (Prep.).
  • 2017

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    TriGranit is celebrating its 20 years in business.
  • 2016

    Record transactions in Hungary and Poland
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    In 2016, TriGranit completed two market defining transactions in Hungary and Poland by selling two of his successful retail and office developments. In September, the company completed the sale of Bonarka City Center (BCC) in Krakow to Rockcastle. The transaction was the largest transaction on the 2016 Polish real estate market. Just some weeks after it, TriGranit sold Millennium Towers in Budapest, a Class A 70,400 sqm complex, comprised of four office buildings within the Millennium City Center in Budapest, Hungary, for €175 million. The transaction is one of the largest ever office deals in the Hungarian market, by both value and gross leasable area. Meanwhile, the next tower, Building “F” was handed over adding 10 000 sqm GLA to the Krakow office market.
  • 2015

    New ERA begins – TriGranit-TPG Real Estate deal
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    A new milestone in the life of the company. TPG Real Estate, the real estate platform of global private investment firm TPG, purchased TriGranit. Under the terms of the agreement, TPG Real Estate acquired TriGranit’s development and asset management platform as well as a portfolio of the full Polish, Slovakian and part of the Hungarian and Croatian high-quality assets. The aim of TPGRE, with further capital injection, is to create the CEE region’s leading real estate investment, development and management platform The company in the meantime continuously delivered projects, opened another two office towers in Krakow, the B4B buildings “E” & “D”.
  • 2013

    TriGranit projects reached a total value of over 2.5 billion euros
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    TriGranit delivered buildings “C” & “D” of the Class „A” B4B Office Tower in Krakow. As a result, the company has so far completed projects with a total value of over 2.5 billion euros. The company continued its success with the delivery of two projects in Poland. Poznan City Center, a 58,000 sqm GLA shopping and entertainment centre, which is an integral part of the city’s new commercial and transportation hub was opened.
  • 2012

    the first PPP project in Poland, the Poznan Central Railway station
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    The Poznan Central Railway station was constructed and opened in Poland. The railway station was the first phase of a multiple development of Poznan’s new city center. Later phases are a retail center, offices, apartments.
  • 2011

    The development of the new city center in Krakow continues on – delivery of Bonarka for Business Offices
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    Krakow, the Bonarka for Business (B4B) office complex. Buildings “A” & “B” were handed over. The will project consists of nine Class “A” office buildings. Meanwhile, another building was added to Millennium City Center in Budapest, the K&H Group Headquarters.
  • 2010

    Second project in Zagreb completed, Arena centar
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    TriGranit completed its second Zagreb-based project, which was named Arena Centar.
  • 2009

    Record investment in Poland, another city center project opens
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    The development of Bonarka City Center in Krakow was completed. This year TriGranit’s investments in Poland alone amounted to 600 million euros. (Arena Zagreb, a modern sports arena with a capacity of 15,000 seats, was built in Zagreb.)
  • 2008

    Despite the economic crisis, TriGranit continues on unbroken track record with further developments
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    The nearly 100-meter tall Lakeside Park office complex was developed. It is one of the highest buildings in the city. Its quality solutions make it the most modern building in Slovakia. The Millennium City Center in Budapest was extended with the Millennium Towers II & III office buildings.
  • 2007

    First project in Romania
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    The company commenced several projects abroad, it delivered Polus Center Cluj shopping centre in Cluj-Napoca. The investment defined the entire image of the district of the Transylvanian “capital”.
  • 2006

    Further office development and opening toward leisure assets
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    A new building was added to Budapest’s office market with the development of Millennium Tower I. The company’s approach regarding effective operation was applied to this building as well, which consequently received the Green Building Award. (TriGranit took over the property management of Papp László Budapest Sportaréna)
  • 2005

    Great year for the company, delivered three different type of projects
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    The Palace of Arts was developed, which houses the Ludwig Museum, the Festival Theatre and the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. In the year of its opening, the Palace of Arts became the best cultural facility in Europe. Along with WestEnd, this was TriGranit’s second building to win "the Oscar of architecture", the FIABCI award. TriGranit demonstrated its intellectual and market power when, in parallel with the delivery of the Palace of Arts, contructed the Duna-Pest Residences in Budapest, a 300 unit luxury apartment complex on the bank of the Danube. In November the Silesia City Center in Katowice was opened. The centre was built on the site of an old, long-closed mine and TriGranit raised a chapel alongside the building in memory of the miners. TriGranit was among the first companies to join the Green Building Programme, established by the European Commission, which awards eco-friendly buildings. Silesia City Center won this award in the year of its realisation. The site in the later years was further developed. TriGranit constructed the 1000-apartment complex, the Oak Terraces.
  • 2003

    Growing demands for TriGranit’s Class “A” offices in Slovakia
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    Because of the growing demand for TriGranit’s Class A offices in Slovakia, Millennium Tower 2 in Bratislava was built just 2 years after delivering Millennium Tower 1. The company put great emphasis on the uniqueness of the buildings and on flexible interiors which are capable of meeting the ever-changing demands of its clients. Perhaps this is also one of the keys to its growing success.
  • 2002

    The new National Theatre of Hungary was delivered
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    The National Theatre was built, delivered for the Hungarian State.
  • 2000

    The company started to expand accross borders in the CEE region
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    The company started to expand accross borders in the CEE region, Polus Center Bratislava retail and entertainment center was opened in Slovakia.
  • 1999

    The first city center project combining different functions in the new downtown of Budapest – the WestEnd City Center
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    The next great step was the creation of WestEnd City Center. With this, TriGranit created a new city centre in Budapest. The company’s pioneer development in the region that has retail, offices, leisure and entertainment parts. The WestEnd is today still number one shopping and entertainment center on the Hungarian market. The building had received many prestigious construction awards in the year of its opening and in the years to follow. When developing real estate, one of the company’s most important principles was to reduce the energy consumption of its buildings in both the development and management phases. This also shows that TriGranit's modern mentality appears not only in clear architectural forms, but also in its technical innovations.
  • 1997

    Birth of TriGranit with a merge of four companies
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    The company's ars poetica was formed: to develop mixed-use buildings that define a city's image and take a central position in both the city and the lives of its people. In this spirit, the company transformed, and with the merge of Gránit Polus, TrizecHahn, AIG and EBRD - TriGranit was born.
  • 1996

    The first American type of shopping centers, Polus Center Budapest is opened
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    The company saw greater development potential in building shopping centres and has built and delivered Polus Center Budapest, with this a new dimension of real estate development appeared in Hungary and in the CEE.
  • 1995

    Start of the TriGranit story – Bank Center is built by Gránit Pólus, predecessor of TriGranit
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    The story of TriGranit started with Gránit Pólus the development company of Sándor Demján, Hungary’s most successful businessman at the time. Their first project was Bank Center, built in the heart of Budapest. The office building was a success in all respects, caught the attention of global investors.

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