Bonarka City Center the Ambassador of Culture – “Collection of fine arts” photo exhibition in BCC, Krakow

Krakow, 19th May 2016 – After years of supporting culture in different ways on project base, Bonarka City Center, one of the most popular shopping centers in Krakow created a long term communication strategy focusing on the artistic traditions of the city of Krakow. With the slogan, Bonarka City C20160428_132315enter is Krakow’s Cultural Ambassador is going to patron the image of Krakow as the Capital of Culture

The first event in the framework of the new strategy, is Bonarka’s project “Collection of fine arts” photo exhibition, that is organised together with Krakow Photo History Museum about Krakow History to be seen between 27.04-15.05 2016.  The main theme of the exhibition are images of figures in folk costumes, made in the atelier and outdoors. On the pictures visible will be Krakow costumes and also stylized for the Krakow look. Pictures come from the second half of the nineteenth century to the 30s of the twentieth century. The authors of the images are eg. Walery Rzewuski, Ignacy Krieger and Jerzy Kuczynski.

As for the yearly communications campaign, Krakow’s best known artists and their creations are also the inspiration for the 2016 advertising campaign. Combined – advertising and PR activities are to position BCC as the art mecenas and the promotour of creative activity on many different artistic fields. The first exhibition is just one of the examples of BCC artistic engagement. In upcoming months BCC Clients will be presented shows, exhibitions, happenings and many other attractions from the local art environment.

13. Oct

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