The construction of building H at the B4B complex in Krakow to start

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The construction of building H at the B4B complex in Krakow to start

Innovative approach, implementing more than 50 projects with the area of 2 million m2 in 7 countries, and more than 50 prestigious awards – TriGranit celebrates 20 years of its activity. The company does not slow down and this year will start the construction of building H with  the area of 10,000 m2. This will be the eighth office building at Bonarka for Business (B4B), one of the most popular office complexes in Krakow. At the same time, Bonarka for Business launches its new Tenant Relationship Program to serve the needs of their tenants on a   higher level.

Building H 

The construction of building H with a gross leasable area of approx. 10,000 m2 will start in Summer 2017. This will be the eighth building at one of the most recognizable office complexes in Krakow – Bonarka for Business, situated in the Podgórze district. The 8-storey office building will have a facade half made of glass and will offer the tenants 221 parking spaces. At a later stage, building H may be connected  directly  to  building  I  and  to  building  J  through  special  footbridges.  This  building  has

received, for the current stage of the project, the BREEAM®  certificate at the ‘very good’ level. The office building will receive the final certification after completing the construction and interior design for the individual tenants.

The facility will be equipped with the most modern technical solutions like dual power supply, generator, building management system (BMS), access control system, 24-hour security, CCTV, reception, two staircases and four high-speed lifts. The third-generation VRF system for cooling and heating with slot air diffusers along the windows will be installed in the building. As in other facilities, there will be suspended ceilings, raised floors and floor-boxes.

Poland has always been one of the most important countries for TriGranit – our dedication towards Poland in the future is also reflected in our aim, to go on with further buildings of B4B in Krakow, to carry out development projects in other Polish cities and to make acquisitions – said Beata Kokeli, Head of Asset Management & Country Manager Poland.

Rain water tank

Another project to be implemented by TriGranit in 2017 will involve the development of the area  around the existing rain water tank at the Bonarka for Business complex, which will begin in July and finish in October this year. The rain water tank and the area around it will serve as a place for employees’ integration, and as a scene for various types of events. Stairs from concrete blocks, composite terraces and a large amount of greenery will harmonize well with the neighboring buildings within the B4B complex. With benches and lamps, this will be a perfect place for a break from work or to organize interesting events and concerts. The overall investment volume will reach approx. EUR 300 000.

Social Media 

The 20th anniversary of TriGranit has become an ideal opportunity to launch the Tenant Relationship Program of Bonarka for Business based mainly on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. The purpose of such activities is to create communities around the complex of B4B office buildings and engage them in joint activities. Social media will be the place where the employees will be able get to know each other, share pictures or comment on events. Users will be able to vote for initiatives and find information about upcoming activities at the complex.

The first 20 years of TriGranit’s activity 

From the company’s inception, TriGranit has always adopted a pioneer approach to its development projects in CEE. In the first decade of its activity, it focused mainly on post-industrial areas and  districts that needed revitalization, creating new urban centres. The first such project in post-industrial areas was the WestEnd City Center in Budapest, a multifunctional complex with the area of 194,000 m2, comprising a shopping center, hotel and office buildings. It must be noted that in the late 1990s this facility met the requirements of the 21st century. The company used its experience in other countries, including Slovakia (Polus City Center in 2000), Poland (Silesia City Center in Katowice in 2005 and Bonarka City Center in Krakow in 2009) or Croatia. Multifunctional facilities have since become the main branch of TriGranit’s investment activity. Over the years, the company has built up a very strong and unique business profile, providing a full range of real estate investment and management services, including retail & office, residential, hotel and entertainment space. During the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, TriGranit changed its strategy and began focusing to a greater extent on the construction of shopping centres and class A office complexes. The aim was to reduce diversification. The results confirmed that the decision to choose such a direction of business was right. Even in this difficult time, the company implemented as many as one project a year. Through a transaction with the American TPG Fund in 2015, the company has become a strong player in the European real estate market focusing on Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Backed with TPG, TriGranit  is now focusing not only on construction projects, but also on the acquisition of operating assets and

sales of facilities. During 20 years of its activity, it has completed more than 50 projects in 7 countries with a gross leasable area of 2 million m2. The company has received more than 50 prestigious awards, such as the Developer of the Year 2012 awarded by CEEQA or the Investment Transaction of

the Year awarded by CIJ in 2016. In 2015, the portal recognized Árpád Török, TriGranit’s CEO, as the Personality of the Year in the Real Estate Market.

Plans for 2017 

The plans for other TriGranit’s office projects in 2017 include 2 further office development projects. TriGranit’s newest Hungarian development, the Millennium Gardens with its 37,000 sqm GLA will be the  largest  office  building  development  in  Budapest  that  will  start  in  2017.  Lakeside  Park   II    in Bratislava, an 11-storey building with the area of 13,000 m2 is located in the prestigious business quarter of Bratislava III, in the Nove Mesto district, just 4 km from the Old Town of Bratislava. The complex is placed in a green area with a park near the picturesque lake Kuchajda. The company might be able to also launch one more office development in Poland of around 20,000 sqm GLA.

About Bonarka for Business 

B4B business park is a project consisting of modern class A offices, consistent with the current highest standards, located in the heart of Bonarka City Center – a multifunctional city center in the Krakow Podgórze district, close to the historical center of Krakow and the city’s main arteries and to the Krakow ring road and A4 motorway. This city center project is a unique development on the Krakow retail and office market as it is a classic brownfield project – where a 19 ha industrial area had been turned into a modern business area. Buildings A, B, C, D, E, F and G are already completed providing 65,000 sqm GLA to the tenants. Due to the active office market in Krakow, further 3 buildings (H, I,  and J) are planned to be built in the coming years. 6 of the B4B buildings (A,B,C,D,E,G) are operating with 100% occupancy rate since their opening. The complex of modern office buildings creates a compact layout with a central street and square reminiscent of the function and character of the traditional urban market. Well-designed public space has won numerous awards, ‘artURBANICA 2012’ among others. The main tenants in the complex are Alexander Mann Solutions, State Street, Euroclear, Herbalife, Lufthansa Global Business Services, Innogy, SolarWinds, Global Logic and Luxoft. Ultimately Bonarka for Business will offer 10 office buildings with a total leasable area of 95  000 sqm with a value of EUR 200 million.

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