The foundation stone of Millennium Gardens office complex has been laid

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The foundation stone of Millennium Gardens office complex has been laid

TriGranit’s office complex, adapting to tenant’s latest needs and highest building standards, awaits tenants from autumn 2020 with 37,000 sqm GLA


TriGranit launched construction of its new ‘Class-A’ office development, Millennium Gardens, which is the final element of the two-time FIABCI Award-winning Millennium City Center in Budapest. After its expected completion in 2020, the two-winged office complex, with unique architecture, will provide approx. 37,000 sqm GLA and more than 600 parking spaces for tenants, greatly emphasizing today’s employee and tenant needs. In 2018-2019, the company is working on the launch of four office developments in Central Europe. As for its size, Millennium Gardens is one of the biggest office development project in Budapest to be handed over till 2020. Within the coming 12 months, TriGranit plans the start of the construction of 77,000 sqm GLA office space in Central Europe.


TriGranit’s newest office development, the Millennium Gardens, will be constructed next to MÜPA Budapest, the National Theatre and the K&H Headquarters on the banks of the Danube, offering a remarkably spectacular view for its future tenants. The concept for the two-winged complex, with its modern architecture and overall glass surface, joined by a compelling glass bridge over the ground floor, was conceived by Finta Studio to suit a uniquely located area with special conditions. The white, blade-shaped elements situated between each level and along the sides not only make the four-sided facade extraordinary, but also enable the clarity in design and unique dynamics for the building. This design solution supports both natural shading and comfort, in accordance with the building’s energy-saving operation.

Adapting to the newest city utilisation trends, the 10-storey ‘Class-A’ office building will be equipped with storage for more than 200 bicycles as well as changing rooms and showers. Additionally, the office complex will have electric car chargers, facilitating environmental awareness. The spacious, green garden with water surface promotes recreation and healthy work-life balance as well as working at an alternative location, and can also function as a public space, a meeting point and a place for employees to have lunch. Green, open spaces on the ground floor will be accessible for passengers, while the large garden, to be constructed on the rooftop, will provide comfort just for employees. The office complex will also provide a place for a restaurant on the ground floor, with seating for 300 people, alongside further service units. In addition to these, Millennium City Center has become a real town inside Budapest over the past decade – accessible nearby facilities include cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants, fitness centres and even a health centre. Thanks to service units in the neighbourhood, employees can arrange several of their everyday tasks as well. The office building will be located in a uniquely maintained green area on the banks of the Danube, well-protected from car traffic and offering plenty of places nearby for relaxation, leisure and recreational activities, while the adjacent MÜPA Budapest, National Theatre and the nearby Budapest Park support cultural re-charge.

Millennium Gardens office complex is the first TriGranit development in Hungary since 2011, so it is extremely special to us. Besides this project, we remain active abroad as well – our pipeline projects, together with Millennium Gardens, reach 107,000 sqm GLA in the CE region, including the construction of 77,000 sqm GLA office space that will start within the coming 12 months in Budapest, Krakow and in Katowice.” – said Árpád Török, Chief Executive Officer, TriGranit.


The building’s design was planned in consideration of sustainability, using modern architectural solutions secured by the developer, TriGranit, as well as in correspondence with the BREEAM ’Very good’ certification. The location of the office building is excellent in terms of public transport. Four tram lines, several bus routes, two suburban rail lines and the prospective fifth metro line are situated nearby. Through these, the city centre is approachable within 15 minutes, and long-distance commuters also have a wide variety of options available when reaching the complex.

Foreign TriGranit developments in 2018

In 2018-2019, the company is working on the launch of four office developments in Central Europe. Apart from the Millennium Gardens office complex, the construction of the eighth element of Bonarka for Business (B4B) in Krakow, Poland – Building H, with 10,000 sqm GLA – is in progress. The construction work of Building I in B4B with 10,000 sqm GLA will highly possibly start next year.  Bonarka for Business office complex alongside with Bonarka City Center entertainment and shopping centre was recognized as a World Silver Winner at the prestigious FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards in May 2018 in the Master Plan category. This project is one of TriGranit’s flagship projects. The Silesia Towers, another TriGranit project, is also expected to start in the near future in Katowice, Poland. The two-building complex will be constructed near a previous TriGranit development, Silesia City Center, extending the city’s office supply with additional 40,000 sqm GLA.

Millennium City Center

The two-time FIABCI Award-winning Millennium City Center project, carried out by TriGranit, has been a huge brownfield investment in Budapest, creating a blossoming city center in one of Budapest’s more neglected areas. Over the past decade, the company has developed a total area of 360,000 sqm on Millennium City Center’s 12-hectare plot: the Duna-Pest Residences, consisting of 310 luxury apartments, the world-famous MÜPA Budapest, four ‘Class-A’ office buildings, and the K&H Headquarters. This area is one of Budapest’s well-known, dynamically improving business, residential and cultural areas and a strong submarket preferred by several multinational and local companies.

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ION Analytics signed their new lease contract in Millennium Gardens

The multinational software developer combines dynamic change, flexibility, growth and connection in their operation. Connecting time and space, the physical and the virtual world locally and globally – all of this is going to be realized in Millennium Gardens on 1,658 square meters.

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