25. Apr

Parkl live demo & BMW test drive in Millennium Gardens

On the occasion of Parkl's live demo and a test drive of the new electric BMW taking place at Millennium Gardens, we have interviewed Balázs Magyar, Head of Business Development at Parkl, who shared his thoughts on the current state of digital parking. Why did you choose the Millennium Gardens car park for the ParklRead more
13. Feb 2023 B4B

B4B’s popularity remains undiminished     

Significant leasing deals were signed in Bonarka for Business 'B4B', resulting in long-term lease-ups of 1,271 square meters of new space and lease prolongations of a total surface of almost 4,500 square meters from two important tenants.

12. Jan 2023

ION Analytics signed their new lease contract in Millennium Gardens

The multinational software developer combines dynamic change, flexibility, growth and connection in their operation. Connecting time and space, the physical and the virtual world locally and globally – all of this is going to be realized in Millennium Gardens on 1,658 square meters.

13. Oct 2022

Interview with Tom Lisiecki on Property Forum

Tomasz Lisiecki has recently given an interview to Property Forum Events & News where he shared his thoughts on the current energy crisis, the importance of ESG compliance in the built environment and the latest trends regarding HQ-type projects in CEE.

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