TriGranit’s Bonarka for Business Buildings in Krakow almost fully leased

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TriGranit’s Bonarka for Business Buildings in Krakow almost fully leased

With lease extension and new lease agreements of over 5,500 sqm GLA in Bonarka for Business (B4B), the occupancy of Building F is over 97%, while all other B4B Buildings operate as 100% leased. Meanwhile, the construction of Building H, the eighth element of one of Krakow’s most popular office complexes, developed by TriGranit, is progressing according to schedule. The further buildings of B4B, Building I and J will also follow in the coming years.

In the first weeks of 2018, two new tenants and several existing tenants of Building A and E of Bonarka for Business signed new lease or extension agreements for altogether 5,500 sqm GLA in the office complex. Alexander Mann Solutions, the world’s leading provider of talent acquisition and management services company has decided to sign a lease expansion agreement of 1,548 sqm GLA, taking additional spaces on first and ground floor of Building A, leasing hereby a total area of 6,658 sqm GLA in Building A. The company has been with B4B from the very beginning, already for seven years. Skelia, a global company providing software development, engineering and outsourcing services, a current tenant of building E, has decided to move to Building F to an office of more than 1,270 sqm GLA, increasing their rented space by more than 130%. VSoft, a Polish joint-stock company designing and implementing proprietary software solutions will take additional space of 510 sqm GLA in Building E, having a leased area of altogether 2,287 sqm GLA. As a new tenant in B4B, Unimil, has also signed a lease agreement of 408 sqm GLA in Building F. The company is a part of LifeStyles Healthcare which has a history dating back to 1905. Today LifeStyles is a global leader in the sexual wellness sector, comprising a broad range of condom, personal lubricant and other related products. From 17th March, the tenants of B4B can enjoy the services of a new fitness centre – My Fitness Place – accepting MultiSport cards, which are very popular among B4B tenants.

“The possibility of leasing extra office space or a whole office building in the case of an extension without moving out of the complex is one of the largest benefits of B4B. The present agreements reflect our tenants’ satisfaction with both the office park and our property management services. In order to provide space for further growth, we are proceeding with the 8th element of B4B and later on, with the development of further office buildings, I and J,” said Beata Kokeli, Head of Asset Management & Country Manager Poland, TriGranit.

TriGranit is proceeding with the development of the next phase buildings in the B4B Class-A office complex in Krakow. The construction of Building H, the eighth edition of B4B is running according to planned schedule, being already in the structural phase with above ground works with prospective delivery of Q2 2019. The ‘Class A’ office building with approx. 9,800 sqm GLA of modern office space has free office space to offer.  Building H, with a façade half made of glass has received for the current stage of the project a BREEAM® certificate at the ‘very good’ level and will receive the final certification after completing the construction and interior design for the individual tenants. Buildings I and J will be launched in the near future with approx. 10,000 GLA each.

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