What’s new in the B4B complex?

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What’s new in the B4B complex?

Tenants Relationship Program in the B4B complex continues with great success since last year’s launch.

This year in June, a remarkable cooperation has started  with Wavelo – the most innovative city bikes system in Poland. On that basis B4B employees can rent and leave city bikes without additional cost at the station located at the chimney square in front on the B4B complex.

Just before  the Polish long weekend in May, a party was organized around the complex, where employees were engaged in a lot of exciting activities, such as e-bike ride tests, speed-ball, books-swapping and fishing for rewards in a pond. Meanwhile the great atmosphere was supported by live DJ sets and foodtrucks! Eventually participants gave very good feedback about the event on B4B social media platforms.

Earlier this year, a good initiative, called ShowYourTeam project was started. In the framework of the program, a photo session is organised every month for entire teams of various B4B tenants accompanied by interviews about interests of employees, their roles in the company and impressions of work in the B4B complex. This helps employees to get to know each other better while creating a strong B4b community.

The success can be measured through the number of the B4B Facebook page followers, that had reached 1000, previously in April. The social media initiative connected to the tenat Relationship Program is running on four communication platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. So far, posts published on B4B Facebook reached almost 215 000 people gaining 3641 reactions and 412 comments.

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